Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dare to defy time with Thalgo Anti-Ageing range

Fact is, as we age skin becomes marked with wrinkles and slackens which becomes more intense over time – from first wrinkles to deeper expression lines and then noticeable wrinkles with a resulting loss of firmness on the eyelids, facial contour and neck. Dark spots and dry skin complete the picture and environmental pollution, smoking and sun exposure don’t help.

THALGO’s ANTI-AGEING range with spectacular 100% satisfaction for every age group or range option.The French beauty, spa and nutritional range, THALGO promises 360° beauty from a marine heart with scientifically proven products, treatments and spa rituals that are profound in that they prepare, boost and treat in a holistic fashion.

Within the MARINE COLLAGEN Programme, MARINE HYALURONIC Programme, MARINE SILICIUM Programme and EXCEPTIONAL REGENERATING programme, the Anti Ageing is the most important development for THALGO in recent Years and includes five anti-ageing patents within its powerful technology.

To defy time, skin needs to be treated correctly and THALGO’s Anti-Age range is a 360° beauty concept which covers four stages:

  1. “Smooth” with Collagen – for wrinkles from 25years;
  2. “Fill” with Hyaluronic Acid – for noticeable wrinkles from 35 years;
  3. “Lift” with Marine Silicium – for noticeable wrinkles and skin slackening from 40 years and;
  4.  “Regenerate”– to deal with wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dark spots from 45 years.

To reactivate the restorative power of the skin and correct all the signs of ageing as they appear, THALGO’s Anti-Age MARINE COLLAGEN RANGE is first aid for first wrinkles with proven effectiveness from the very first treatment.

Although the collagen range targets 25 years+, marine-derived Collagen Cream may be used by a person of any age who wishes to smooth her skin and – renowned for boosting the skin’s own collagen in the dermal structure – the range also includes intensive Collagen Concentrate as well as “drinkable youth” in the form of Collagen Booster vials with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C, E and selenium anti-oxidant complex.The result is an effective treatment for an instant burst of radiance clearer and clearer, more hydrated, plumped-up overall smoother skin.

Over 35, no matter the genetic hand you've been dealt, the skin starts to sag and Thalgo’s Anti-Age MARINE HYALURONIC Range is the answer to smooth and fill deeper winkles.

A star product jam-packed with hyaluronic acid micro-spheres (which boost the skin’s firming fibroblast production), the home care range includes a Hyaluronic Cream (which will secrete the skin’s daily amount of hyaluronic acid while boosting collagen production), Marine Hyaluronic Filler for a high-precision filling effect and a Marine Hyaluronic Mask which provides an intense boost. The result? Instant plumping, smoother glabellar lines, a less wrinkled face, less marked furrows and a hydrated, younger looking face

Thalgo’s Anti-Age Marine SILICIUM RANGE, meanwhile, aims to smooth, fill and super-lift for the 40+ as, at this age, an intense toning action and wrinkle correction are the main concern for the upper part of the face.

Employing Marine Silicium and caffeine, the range includes a Cream, Extract and Concentrate which push the boundaries of anti-ageing standards of excellence as they fill in wrinkles, nourish your skin and restores firmness, while re-sculpting the contours of the face.

To complete the picture, the Thalgo Anti-Age EXCEPTIONAL REGENERATING range aims for an infinitely youthful, anti-wrinkle skin. With patented technology and a cocktail of ingredients including Argireline and Natural Algae Hormones, the range’s Cream, Serum and Exceptional Eyes act at the heart of wrinkles and go deep into the dermis with an immediate plumping & moisturizing effect and a healthy glow.

The active ingredient Argireline has the ability to limit contractions in the face and visibly correct expression lines, so you can smile, laugh and relax – your skin will stay smooth.

Each of the Smooth, Fill, Lift and Regenerate ranges includes in-spa treatments for intense starter or booster facials along with an arsenal of home kits to maintain a complete anti-ageing beauty regime – no matter what your age.
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