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Home Remedies For Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are quite common in both men and women in their life span. Those are visible lines on the skin. In women stretch marks are very common during pregnancy time. Sudden growth of body, puberty period stretch marks will appear. They are some exercises and home remedies for stretch marks.

Appears on:
  • Arms
  • legs
  • abdomen
  • waist
  • breast
  • lower back
  • Over stretching of skin contributes stretch marks.
  • Sudden weight change
  • Rapid body growth during puberty
  • pregnancy
Home remedies for stretch marks:
Drink 5 to 6 liters of water daily will helps you in keeping your skin softly and elasticity. It produces collagen at normal levels. Think it as internal moisture to cure stretch marks, have 1 glass of water before drinking tea/coffee etc.....

Grapes work as effective moisture for stretch marks. Squeeze pulp from the grapes and apply it where stretch marks are present and keep it 20-30 min, then clean it with lukewarm water. Not only helps in eliminating stretch marks and also prevent the re-occurrence.

Take 2 to 3 apricots and cut it and remove seeds crush them to make a paste. Apply the paste on stretch marks and leave it for 20-25 min, after that wash it with lukewarm water. Repeat this regularly for one month for a better  result.

Aloe Vera:
Aloe Vera is a plant collagen which repairs the skin. Remove the outer skin of the Aloe Vera leaves and apply it on stretch marks leave it for 2 hours, after that wash it with normal water.

  • Exercises are preferable to get rid of stretch marks.
  • Make sure your diet should be plenty of proteins and food rich in vitamins(C, E).
  • During pregnancy apply petroleum gel on the abdomen (consult your doctor is it good for you or not).
  • Always use Nashi Argan Dry oil on areas which you expect will suffer most from stretch marks, this will give your skin more elasticity and reduces the effect of stretch marks.

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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Nashi Argan ; the Argan benefits ..

Always the oldest beauty remedies are the ones that deliver. 
We are obsessed with Argan oil at the moment, also referred as “liquid gold”.

Since Argan oil is full of vitamins and antioxidants, it is commonly used as a moisturizer for all body and face plus it is a great a hair treatment. The oil has also medicinal uses against rheumatism and the healing of burns.

Argan oil is produced from an Argan nut coming from Argan tree, which only grows in Southwestern Morocco. 

There are so many ways to utilize the oil;

*  Face Moisturizer 

*  Hair Styling Shine

*  Overnight Hair Treatment 

*  Cuticle and Heel Softener

*  Body and Bath Oil 

Try the organic 100% Argan oil option with no additional ingredients. You want it as pure as possible! Nashi Argan provides you with the purest form of Argan Oil with its Argan Oil collection of products.

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Sunday, October 20, 2013

How to make Floating French Braids ..

French Braids always have been the dream of all girls to do, and doing it right requires some patience and a good technique .. Today, beauty Blogger Jan will demonstrate for you the best techniques to have nice floating French Braids ..

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Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dare to defy time with Thalgo Anti-Ageing range

Fact is, as we age skin becomes marked with wrinkles and slackens which becomes more intense over time – from first wrinkles to deeper expression lines and then noticeable wrinkles with a resulting loss of firmness on the eyelids, facial contour and neck. Dark spots and dry skin complete the picture and environmental pollution, smoking and sun exposure don’t help.

THALGO’s ANTI-AGEING range with spectacular 100% satisfaction for every age group or range option.The French beauty, spa and nutritional range, THALGO promises 360° beauty from a marine heart with scientifically proven products, treatments and spa rituals that are profound in that they prepare, boost and treat in a holistic fashion.

Within the MARINE COLLAGEN Programme, MARINE HYALURONIC Programme, MARINE SILICIUM Programme and EXCEPTIONAL REGENERATING programme, the Anti Ageing is the most important development for THALGO in recent Years and includes five anti-ageing patents within its powerful technology.

To defy time, skin needs to be treated correctly and THALGO’s Anti-Age range is a 360° beauty concept which covers four stages:

  1. “Smooth” with Collagen – for wrinkles from 25years;
  2. “Fill” with Hyaluronic Acid – for noticeable wrinkles from 35 years;
  3. “Lift” with Marine Silicium – for noticeable wrinkles and skin slackening from 40 years and;
  4.  “Regenerate”– to deal with wrinkles, sagging, dryness, dark spots from 45 years.

To reactivate the restorative power of the skin and correct all the signs of ageing as they appear, THALGO’s Anti-Age MARINE COLLAGEN RANGE is first aid for first wrinkles with proven effectiveness from the very first treatment.

Although the collagen range targets 25 years+, marine-derived Collagen Cream may be used by a person of any age who wishes to smooth her skin and – renowned for boosting the skin’s own collagen in the dermal structure – the range also includes intensive Collagen Concentrate as well as “drinkable youth” in the form of Collagen Booster vials with marine collagen, hyaluronic acid and Vitamins C, E and selenium anti-oxidant complex.The result is an effective treatment for an instant burst of radiance clearer and clearer, more hydrated, plumped-up overall smoother skin.

Over 35, no matter the genetic hand you've been dealt, the skin starts to sag and Thalgo’s Anti-Age MARINE HYALURONIC Range is the answer to smooth and fill deeper winkles.

A star product jam-packed with hyaluronic acid micro-spheres (which boost the skin’s firming fibroblast production), the home care range includes a Hyaluronic Cream (which will secrete the skin’s daily amount of hyaluronic acid while boosting collagen production), Marine Hyaluronic Filler for a high-precision filling effect and a Marine Hyaluronic Mask which provides an intense boost. The result? Instant plumping, smoother glabellar lines, a less wrinkled face, less marked furrows and a hydrated, younger looking face

Thalgo’s Anti-Age Marine SILICIUM RANGE, meanwhile, aims to smooth, fill and super-lift for the 40+ as, at this age, an intense toning action and wrinkle correction are the main concern for the upper part of the face.

Employing Marine Silicium and caffeine, the range includes a Cream, Extract and Concentrate which push the boundaries of anti-ageing standards of excellence as they fill in wrinkles, nourish your skin and restores firmness, while re-sculpting the contours of the face.

To complete the picture, the Thalgo Anti-Age EXCEPTIONAL REGENERATING range aims for an infinitely youthful, anti-wrinkle skin. With patented technology and a cocktail of ingredients including Argireline and Natural Algae Hormones, the range’s Cream, Serum and Exceptional Eyes act at the heart of wrinkles and go deep into the dermis with an immediate plumping & moisturizing effect and a healthy glow.

The active ingredient Argireline has the ability to limit contractions in the face and visibly correct expression lines, so you can smile, laugh and relax – your skin will stay smooth.

Each of the Smooth, Fill, Lift and Regenerate ranges includes in-spa treatments for intense starter or booster facials along with an arsenal of home kits to maintain a complete anti-ageing beauty regime – no matter what your age.
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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Make a Ringlet Headband

I like this hairstyle, because is quick, simple enough and looks great. All you need is thin headband and bobby pins. Put the headband onto the hair and secure it with a bobby pin. Then start flipping your hair around the band, moving the bobby pin to secure the strand, while you are dealing with the next one. When you reach the middle of your hair at the back, stop and continue flipping hair around the band from the other side. Use the same procedure until the two parts meet each other. Secure them with the bobby pin and take care of your fringe.

May be you need to repeat this one or two times until you get the idea, but once you get used to it- this may become your favorite daily style ... and here is how you do it ..

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Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Common Mistakes that Lead to Ugly Eyebrows

Posted in Ladies Book under Tips, July 25 - 2013

Excessive Plucking

ne of the most common mistakes that leads to an ugly eyebrow shape is over plucking. This usually happens when you are either not familiar with the most suitable eyebrow shape for your face, or you don’t master the tweezing technique.
Once you've over plucked your eyebrows, you’ll need to make sure your hairs grow back as soon as possible. There are several techniques you may use in order to reach your goal and get rid of ugly eyebrows. Try exfoliating the skin with a soft toothbrush, and applying a brow serum.


ou may get ugly eyebrows from bleaching, as well! Especially when deciding to dye your hair in a lighter shade, you may want to make sure the color of your eyebrows matches the one of your locks.
But the bleaching process can go terribly wrong and lead to bad eyebrows, mainly because the resulting hue may not be exactly what you expected! Therefore, when dyeing your hair blonde or any another lighter shade, just leave your eyebrows as such: you may actually find out that the combo compliments you very well.


Don’t ever go for eyebrow tattooing, as the results may be far from ideal. In order to avoid ugly tattooed eyebrows, choose eyebrow coloring instead, for a better look.

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Four Reasons You Need To Exfoliate

Posted  by NewBeauty Editors

There are many benefits of regular exfoliation. As we get older, skin-cell turnover slows down and exfoliating can help speed up the normal shedding cycle. Exfoliating can rid the skin's dull, outer layer as well as all of the flaws that reside there, like fine lines, dark spots and blemishes. Plus, your skin-care products can better penetrate your skin. Here are our top four reasons to exfoliate on a regular basis:

1. Even out skin texture. “The granules polish the skin, leaving it with a softer, smoother texture. It’s like using sandpaper on coarse, unevenly textured wood—step-by-step it becomes smooth,” says Los Angeles aesthetician Ole Henriksen.

2. Fight the signs of aging. With age, the skin’s ability to naturally exfoliate slows down. When the skin is laden with dead cells, lines, wrinkles and dryness become more apparent. “Removing dead skin reveals fresher, brighter, younger looking skin,” says Mt. Pleasant, SC, dermatologist Marguerite Germain, MD.

3. Prevent blackheads, whiteheads and breakouts. When the pores get clogged with dead skin and oil gets stuck beneath the surface, pimples can occur.

4. Minimize dark spots. Long after a blemish has healed, a red, brown or purple mark may remain. But each time you exfoliate, you’re removing the top layer of skin to diminish the appearance of discoloration.

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Quattro 3300 Hair Dryer .. is your Choice

Beauty bloggers are now busy posting about our latest Hairdryer "Quattro 3300" which is conquering professional Salons in the Middle East, every where Madi International exists. 

This light weight Hairdryer with its ergonomic design makes it easier for you and for professionals to use very easily.

Do not miss trying "Quattro 3300" for a better hair styling ..

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10 Easy Steps to Create Newspaper Nails

MODERN SALON TV's most recent episode features instructions on how to create newspaper nails. One of MODERN's editors, Alison Shipley, breaks it down into 10 easy steps:

                                                                         Applying the Alcohol soaked strip to the nail

1. To get this trendy newspaper effect, begin with a base coat.

2. Apply two coats of nail polish--a lighter color works best to get the full effect.

3. Once your nails are dry, prepare a small amount of alcohol in a little bowl.

4. Then, find type on a newspaper or magazine you like. We chose an old issue of MODERN SALON.

5. Cut 10 small strips out of the paper that are big enough to cover your nails.

                                                        gently peeling off the newspaper strip

6. Soak all of the strips in the alcohol until saturated.

7. One by one, apply the strip to your nail, holding the paper as if you were applying a fake tattoo.

8. Remember, if you press it on too long, the polish will stick to the paper.

9. Roll your finger as you pull the newspaper off your nail. The text sticks to the polish.

10. Apply a top coat and you're done!

                                                                                  Finished result.

Try out the newspaper effect on yourself and your clients; then post your results below ..

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Earthly Body Edible Massage Candle

Edible Massage Candle, by Earthly Body
An Interview with a Frequent User

This candle is used for a warm sentimental massage and can also be used as a skin moisturizer.

The edible candle definitely adds sensuality to a massage plus it leaves the skin feeling soft!

Unlike regular candles that burn and wax up your skin, the Earthly Body candles are a fantastic way to tempt and tease your partner. Drizzling warm wax all over the body is such a sentimental way to turn a normal massage into a spectacular experience. The smell isn't over powering and since the candle melts at such a low temperature - it won't burn your skin. These candles contain all natural hemp oil that leaves your skin feeling wonderful and wanting more!

I have no complaints about this candle.

I have suggested many friends and couples that I know to get this stuff! I've heard so much positive feedback on how much it spiced up their massage time that they are now recommending it to their friends. I think everyone should try this product! 

Works fantastic on rough, dry patches of skin.... great for the feet. You don't even have to burn the candle to use it as the wax melts when you rub you hands together. Works great on the cuticles!

About the Earthly Body Edible Massage Candle from manufacturer's website:

The sexy fun heart-candle that’s (by the way) great skincare. Drizzle this warm massage oil straight out of the tin and onto the skin!

  • 100% Vegan: Edible!
  • This candle melts into a warm, silky massage oil
  • Penetrates and moisturizes the skin
  • Uses all natural oils: Heep Seed, Vitamin E, Jojoba, Avocado, and Apricot Oil
Images of the Candle Tins:

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Salon Talk - Nashi Argan Morning ..

Let's introduce for you our Nashi-Argan professional line, to explore all Argan Treatments ..

Women are showing an increasing demand for Argan, found in more and more hair products. Nashi Argan offers new and professional products, able to meet all their requirements.

Nashi Argan Shampoo:

Gently cleanse all hair types, restoring ideal levels of hydration and natural softness. Its unique formula makes it possible to restore natural softness and shine to the hair, without weakening capillary fibers and respecting its natural defenses.

Restores shine
Silkiness and softness
Makes hair easier to manage
Protects and preserves color
Does not weigh hair down

Nashi Argan Conditioner:

Hydrating Conditioning Treatment, ideal for detangling and gently nourishing all hair types. Restores ideal levels of hydration  without weighing down. Its unique formula restores natural well-being and shine to the hair.

Restores shine
Silkiness and softness
Makes hair easier to manage
Protects and preserves color
Does not weigh hair down

Nashi Argan Deep Infusion:

Intensive Reconstructing hydrating Deep mask for repairing all types of damaged hair. It goes deep into the hair, producing results that are visible immediately and leaving all hair types looking shiny and feeling silky smooth. Constant use revitalizes hair, making it easier to manage and control and protect it against all form of environmental stress.

Revitalizes hair
Restores shine
Silkiness and softness
Makes hair easier to manage
Protects and preserves color
Does not weigh hair down

Beauty treatment for all kind of hair:

Gives incredible shine in an instant
Gives amazing softness
Makes hair extremely manageable
Repairs damaged hair
Gives body to fine hair
Cuts blow-drying and styling time in half
Protects hair from UV rays and from harsh external agents

Argan Oil is precious and rare for its particularly long and labor intensive manual extraction process: 40 kg of fruit from the Argania Spinosa tree are required to make just one liter of oil. It has been known for centuries among the Berber people of Morocco for its cosmetic, medicinal and nutritional properties. Scientific studies have revealed that this oil, rich in high concentrations of Unsaturated Fatty Acids, Linoleic Acid and Vitamin E, can stimulate vital cell functions, nourishing and moisturizing each hair deep down.

Argan Oil is one of the richest oils in unsaturated Fatty Acids. These act as a barrier against the evaporation that occurs on a daily basis during trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), allowing the hair to preserve moisture and stay hydrated and soft.

Thanks to its high concentration of Linoleic Acid, Argan Oil can also boosting regenerative properties. Its moisturizing and nourishing effect has been scientifically proven.

What’s more, Argan Oil is relatively rich in Tocopherols: ranging from 700 to 900 mg/kg (olive oil: 320 mg/kg). These natural antioxidants play an essential role in preventing hair from ageing, as they protect against the attack of free radicals. Their anti-age effect has been recognized by the scientific world.

Argan Oil is produced by female cooperative
The cooperative that makes the Argan Oil used in the Nashi Argan range is located in the province of Essaouira, in the south of Morocco. This cooperative was set up to help women in difficulty. Today, it employs 106 women, against the twenty of just three years ago. An additional 300 or so women work indirectly for the cooperative as part of harvesting activities. This is the only source of income for the families of many of these women, as divorcees, single mothers and widows. The cooperative also grants training courses and technical assistance to its members.

Zero Impact Packaging:

The bottle is made from 100% recycable material
The box, the display, the brochures and the other components (where possible) are made from recycled material

Natural Organic raw materials, natural:

Selection of biodegradable raw materials, not derived from petroleum
100% energy from renewable sources (wind, solar, water)

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The new DRY OIL by "Nashi Argan"

A love story between Nashi Argan's Dry Oil and your body. That Story which should last forever. Dry Oil has outstanding effects on your skin, I will mention some of those effects as it:

  •      Nourishes and moisturizes skin
  •     Prevents dryness and elasticity loss that causes stretch marks &  imperfections
  •     Reduces skin aging
  •     Leaves Skin fabulously shine and soft
  •     Doesn't leave oily traces on skin
  •     It has an attractive scent that lasts long
    A Women's nightmare are those stretch marks that start appearing on Skin mostly during pregnancy, or during weight variation. Those white (sometimes pinkish) marks turn to be deeper if not controlled and treated well. It is a main result of the skin loosing its elasticity due to hormones variation which affects the secretion of natural skin collagen.

    A breakthrough by Nashi Argan is the Dry oil which suits any type of skin for its natural ingredients and works 24/7 to keep your skin moisturized, prevent dryness, protect your skin and keep it elastic ..
    Below are some of the posts placed on our Social Networks about Dry Oil, it tells a story of elasticity . I am putting those images in sequence from number one (oldest) to number four (latest).

The first publication; explaining about The product, for more awareness

We then used the same character to emphasize the product; linking 
both first and second images together, and to Dry Oil

A new story then Starts here; focusing on the benefit of Dry Oil as 
to be an early prevention for one of the major issues a woman could face

With this character we started to answer the issue which we 
have emphasized within the previous image ... "Skin Elasticity"

"Skin Elasticity" would show better in the following two images:

This image focuses on the skin elasticity which reduces Stretch marks

This last image shows a Satisfied client, the same previous character 
conveying a message of satisfaction to the viewing audience.

   This campaign was on all our Social media including Facebook, Instagram, Tumbler and Twitter .. and now you are reading it on our Blog "Beauty Plus - Middle East" ..

     If you have further inquiries about Dry Oil by Nashi - Argan .. do not hesitate to drop us a line here below.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Sanrizz Artistic Team's Fusion Cutting Step by Step

The cuts featured in the Fusion collection created by the Sanrizz Artistic Team feature double cuts and duo textures fused together.

The result produces dual angular cutting techniques, providing an alternative addition to classic styling.

The bold color is a result of fluted and fused techniques that dominate the color palate of cranberry cherry red.


1. Working a diagonal section in the front, create a guideline below the jaw line.

2. Continue directing the hair onto existing guideline.

3. Following a diagonal section from ear to center nape, create a strong design line.

4. Continue working tight into the hairline, allowing a small amount of elevation to create softness. Connect onto existing guideline; this will create a twist in the balance.

5. Wrap the section around the head and make sure projection is minimal.

6. Place the parting behind the ear, cut guide for the second side. Use the jawline as a reference.

7. Define and straighten outline shape.

8. Elevate angle through the fingers and over direct all hair to behind the ear.

9. Follow until all hair from the crown is over directed onto the guide behind the ear.

10. From the guide behind the ear, connect the side lengths. The angle must be square and sitting at the base of the ear.

11. To exaggerate the length in the front, wrap the hair around the head and over direct to behind the ear. Extend the angle to suit the required length.

12. Wrap all the hair around the opposite side making sure there is a clear connection from one side to the other.

 By Alison Shipley | 04/26/2013 12:55:00 PM


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Thursday, April 18, 2013

What is Trending at our Al Jothen Company in Kuwait

Many people were asking me why some products that you sell is Kuwait are not available for the rest of the Middle East. The simple reply is that many of newly introduced items in Kuwait will be available soon for our valuable customers everywhere we exist. 

Some of the recently launched lines in Kuwait are the "Marrakesh" Hair Care line and "Earthly Body" line. Both are based on natural essential oils such as Argan Oil from Morocco, Tea Tree Oil, Hemp seed oil and Avocado Oil. While all those products do not weigh down the hair (Marrakesh) or do not grease the Skin (Earthly Body); they are good nutrients which gives your hair & Skin more vivid and shiny look. 

Earthly Body line includes products which soothe, nourishes and moisturize the skin. One of those newly launched items is the Skinny Dip Candle which comes in different fragrances and can be used after melting as a very relaxing soothing oil for your body massage.

If you have any queries or questions about those products; please drop us a line in the comments section.

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Today's Instagram Posts

Trying to Share with you our Today's posts on Instagram and the feedback; here what is going on :

Image #1: for Kadus Professional ... posted since 14m >>> Likes 22

Image #2: Elastic Bungee Hook ... posted since 43 min >>> Likes 20

Image # 3: Essie Spring Collection 2013 ... posted since 60 minutes >>> Likes 41

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