Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Common Mistakes that Lead to Ugly Eyebrows

Posted in Ladies Book under Tips, July 25 - 2013

Excessive Plucking

ne of the most common mistakes that leads to an ugly eyebrow shape is over plucking. This usually happens when you are either not familiar with the most suitable eyebrow shape for your face, or you don’t master the tweezing technique.
Once you've over plucked your eyebrows, you’ll need to make sure your hairs grow back as soon as possible. There are several techniques you may use in order to reach your goal and get rid of ugly eyebrows. Try exfoliating the skin with a soft toothbrush, and applying a brow serum.


ou may get ugly eyebrows from bleaching, as well! Especially when deciding to dye your hair in a lighter shade, you may want to make sure the color of your eyebrows matches the one of your locks.
But the bleaching process can go terribly wrong and lead to bad eyebrows, mainly because the resulting hue may not be exactly what you expected! Therefore, when dyeing your hair blonde or any another lighter shade, just leave your eyebrows as such: you may actually find out that the combo compliments you very well.


Don’t ever go for eyebrow tattooing, as the results may be far from ideal. In order to avoid ugly tattooed eyebrows, choose eyebrow coloring instead, for a better look.

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